New kind of foldout menu

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New kind of foldout menu

Post by svasti » Fri Mar 14, 2014 12:03 pm

Hi everybody,

I've been experimenting with menu displays:
  1. We know the traditional vertical menu (the style of Gert's menus in all his templates), where only top level pages and subpages of actual page are shown.

    Good -> you see your position in the page structure
    Bad -> going to subpages of other top level pages requires many mouseclicks and reloading
  2. Then there is the fold out menu, where on mouseover all subpages of top level pages appear.

    Bad -> in subpages you don't see your position in the menu
    Good -> going to other subpages is fast
What do you think about a combination of 1+2: left site menu, right site menu. The css is 9-10 tricky lines.

And by the way, Yogaschool has finally gone online with right aligned drop down menu thanks to some coding wizardry of Christoph's

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