sab attribute added to h1 an p tags

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sab attribute added to h1 an p tags

Post by mdb_ch » Wed May 11, 2011 7:42 pm

Hello to all of you,

I have the following problem with a website I'am building at the moment. I try to create a html 5 template and made a w3c validation. Everything is fine exept one thing. The FCK Editor is adding to <h1 tags and <p tags the attribute sab=''">.

The valdiator then says that sab attributes are not allowed. So I would like to eliminate them.

The Situation now

<h1 sab="734">Startseite</h1>

<p sab="735">ldkfjgldkfj</p>

<p sab="736">&nbsp;</p>

My Goal

<h1 >Startseite</h1>

<p >ldkfjgldkfj</p>

<p >&nbsp;</p>

Can anyone help me. Great thanks in advance.

Mike from Switzerland

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